We offer wide Range of conventional fire alarm control panels fills the gap between low cost, low specification fire alarm control panels and high price, high specification equipment.

Expandable from 2 to 16 zones, the balance of features and competitive pricing makes it ideal for a variety of applications, ranging from new installations to upgrades and extensions of new systems.

Easy to follow wiring instructions are printed adjacent to the terminals of all variants and a lift-off lid guarantees an easy first fix and straightforward maintenance. Fully compliant with BS 5839 Part 4 and the head removal requirements of BS 5839 Part 1, a variety of ‘add on’ boards are also available, converting it into one of the most sophisticated fire panels available.
Addressable Fire Alarm System
Addressable systems, also known as intelligent systems, enable each and every initiating device (smokes, heats, pulls, etc.), to have an individual address, or zone identifier. This is most beneficial for servicing the system. If a detector is faulty, the technician knows exactly which device is at fault. Other benefits include less cabling for the installer. The addressable devices all connect to a single loop that runs through the premises. Different types of devices can hang on the same loop.