A Public Address system provides the simplest means of broadcasting a short message to all your work force at once. Primarily this would be used for staff location in, for example, a large factory or warehouse were your staff are not always in the same place or by the same telephone. This is quicker than finding the worker in person.

PA Systems are commonly used for:
* Staff Location
* Background Music
* Time Signals (i.e. start of shift, end of class, lunch break, etc)
* Adervtising Spot Announcements
* Routine Messages, i.e. The fire alarms are about to be tested...
* Process Control Messages

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Voice Alarm & EVAC

Where are Voice Alarm systems used? A Voice Alarm / Voice Evacuation system could be installed in all offices, factories, warehouses, shops, sports stadia, cinemas, theatres, schools and public buildings. Integrating with any fire alarm system to ensure that alert and evacuate messages are broadcast clearly and intelligibly. Operating automatically means that the system will not be dependent on an operator controlling it, unless the Fire Officer elects to take charge.

In a Voice Alarm or Voice Evacuation system all critical signal paths from the Fire Officer’s microphone, through the amplifiers to the end of the loudspeaker lines, are monitored. Battery backup comes as standard. The power supply and internal battery charger are also fully monitored. This ensures that the system is always available when it is needed most, during an emergency.