Our nurse call system meets the need of hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. We deliver a wide range of nurse call systems, from a basic direct-select audible-visual to the latest microprocessor-based audio/visual nurse call systems.

We also offer a highly configurable wireless emergency call system, and a full line of radio pocket paging systems for use with all of our healthcare systems.

WEZNA designs to aid hospitals with the ever changing functions that may be required today and well into the future. With its unique design programable buttons and changeable front face plates, the systems can go from a single function Emergency plate to a multi function Assistance / Presence / Emergency / Cancel plate with some simple programming and a new cover.

A fully featured nurse call system can be programmed by computer and includes features such as infra red receivers, which allow a call to be generated away from the call point without the need for trailing wires. Individual users can be identified when they call, and calls routed to the appropriate member of staff. It is also possible to combine some of the latest nurse call systems with environmental monitoring and staff management, with rostering schedules and time sheets generated automatically, to save time and administrative resources